Velvet sanitary Pad

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Galway Kalkim Velvet Sanitary Napkin is manufactured with 7 layer and features a negative anion chip that has an absorption capacity of up to 120ml.


Product Properties - 7 Layer Features -

1. The top layer or the first layer that gives these napkins a secure cover.

2. Comes with an anion chip at the bottom which improves detoxification, assists absorption and gives you a comfortable feeling.

3. Air laid paper is the third secure layer which is a luxurious non-woven soft napkin sheet.

4. This is SAP Sheet, a polymer with Higher & Faster absorption. This luxurious SAP sheet provides complete dryness protection of up to 120 ml.

5. After this, the fifth layer gives security of air laid paper.

6. This is a Breathable back sheet that makes the napkins extremely light and sustainable.

7. Release paper with glue having triple side security.

All the ­above features makes Galway's Super Sanitary Napkins the most exclusive, effective, safe and cost-effective sanitary pads/napkins in the market.



  • Anion chip negative ion effect
  • Helps to absorb liquid.
  • Prevents the growth of harmful substances and bacteria.
  • Provides comfort during menstruation.
  • Reduces cramps.
  • Reduces body fatigue


Product Usage – You can use once or twice a day as per the need according to the flow at the time of menstruation.

Note– Each pack of Galway Kalkim Velvet Sanitary Pad/Napkin come with 3 panty liners and 15 pads. Make sure that the used pad is well packed and disposed of at the proper place by taking care of hygiene. 

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