Spirulina (Buy 1 Get 1 @ Rs.1)

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Quantity Per Pack: 100 Tablets

Country of origin : India

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Spirulina is a naturally occurring blue green algae found in lakes, river or sea. It is a rich source of phytonutrients and most nutritionally dense natural superfood.  Rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and carotenes.  Galway Nutriflow Spirulina is scientifically cultivated, sourced from ecological farms which preserves all its valuable nutrients without any contamination. Buy Spirulina Tablets Online whose daily use enhances disease resistance, provides strength, eliminates weakness, fights malnutrition and reduces appetite triggering.  It helps to maintain the pH level of the body, aids cholesterol regulation and helps to keep it alkaline.  The beta-carotenes improves eye health whereas Chlorophyll and iron improves hemoglobin levels.

Product Features- Powerhouse of natural phytonutrients with potent and profound health benefits at the cellular level. Safe for use and devoid of any contamination. Derived from ecological farming to preserves all valuable nutrients.

Products Benefits- Provides strength, energy and disease resistance while removing malnutrition, signs of anemia and nutritional deficiency.  Improves wellbeing for people suffering from various health problems.

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