Rice Bran Oil

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SKU : GO121000

Weight : 1000 ML

Galway Nutriflow Rice Bran Oil, is a heathy cooking oil made from rice bran, not only makes the food delicious, but is also beneficial for health. It contains ingredients such as antioxidant which help in reducing cholesterol.

It is also effective in reducing hypertension. The food made in this oil is very beneficial for your health. Antioxidants present in this oil fight with free radicals present in the body and increase the ability to fight against many diseases in the body. In addition, vitamin E and omega-6 are present in it, which protects pre mature greying of hair and keep them healthy. Buy rice bran oil online and get a better flavor and aroma. Its smoke point is quite high.

Usage guidelines:

Use directly for cooking.

Weight : 1000 ML

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