Rice Bran Oil (S)

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Galway Nutriflow Rice Bran Oil, made from rice bran is an excellent cooking oil with nutritionally balanced fats - balanced proportion of mono unsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fats which not only makes the food delicious and tasty, but is also beneficial for health. It contains naturally occurring oryzanol which aids cholesterol regulation. It is devoid of trans fat and cholesterol. Buy rice bran oil online which is tasteful in flavor and aroma.  Its smoke point is quite high. 

Product Features- Made from rice bran Excellent cooking medium with balanced fats with high smoke point. Makes the food delicious and tasty. Beneficial for health. Contains oryzanol The food made in this oil is very beneficial for your health.

Products Benefits- An excellent cooking medium and one stop solution as a cooking oil, which suits the cooking of any type of food while providing wholesome nutrition and health. Oil does not get evaporated easily.


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