Preferred Customer : - 

Galwaykart has now added a new feature called “Preferred customer” to target broader segment of customer. This feature has made our website more flexible by not limiting itself only to our distributors but to everyone.  It means that a person who is not a part of our network can also place order from our website. In other word, if a customer wants to purchase our products without becoming part of sales channel then he can place the order via

By using Galwaykart platform distributors are already creating network in remote areas where there was no physical access. Now, with new feature of preferred customer, distributors can sell products to the customers in remote areas who are only interested in products but do not want to be part of channel.

If a customer from open market wants to refer any distributor, he can do the same by mentioning his distributor ID at the time of registration and this will in return provide IP benefit to the distributor. However, this field is not mandatory.  You can create your account on and start placing order like any other ecommerce website.

Also please note that as per the Active Seller Policy, all distributors have to achieve Personal Volume (PV) Target to get entitled to this benefit. 

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