Galway Premium Shoe Polish Dark Brown

₹ 65.00


Net Weight: 40g

Galway Premium Shoe Polish Dark Brown has all the features of a premium product which not only takes care of your brown shoes but also gives a natural shine.

Benefits of this product- Galway Premium Shoe Polish Light Brown is a blend of quality wax, which nourishes leather and produces long lasting lustrous shine.


• Suitable for leather shoes.

• Keeps shoes looking new for a longer time.

• Protects against dust and dirt.

Product Usage -

1. Shoes should be clean and dry before use.

2. Apply the polish with a cloth or polish applicator and allow the polish to dry.

3. Make a gloss with a brush or soft cloth.

4. For extra high shine, apply another light coat of polish and buff with a soft cloth.

Caution - Keep out of reach of children and do not leave it open.

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