GalVeda - Vito Potent Plus Tablet

₹ 999.00

SKU : GGV02060

Net Wt - 60 Tab

Country Of Origin : India

Today's busy lifestyle with accompanied stress has reduced the joy and desire for good sexual relation among couples. These lifestyle changes have affected male potency and  fertility with decreased  sperm count and even reproductive diseases. Vito Potent Plus is safe and carefully chosen Ayurvedic herbal combination to improve and treat men reproductive health issues while promoting male sexual arousal and strength. Vito Potent Plus is equipped with adaptogenic and antioxidant properties. The presence of gold bhasma makes the product more potent and powerful. Contains Mucuna pruriens, Tribulus, Musli, Panjasalam etc.

Product Features- Vito Potent Plus is safe combination of powerful Ayurvedic herbs with Gold Bhasma to treat male reproductive health issues. This unique combination with adaptogenic and antioxidant properties adresses  wide range of male reproductive health issues with increased sexual arousal and strength.

Products Benefits- Increases Sperm Count Improves quality of sperms Corrects erection related issues Prevents premature ejacuation Increases male sexual arousal and strength.

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