Aloe Vera Juice

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Galway natural twist aloevera juice is derived from freshly plucked matured leaves of aloevera plant under stringent conditions for optimum quality. It is highly nutritious and benefecial for overall health aloevera juice (fresh drinking gel) naturally contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, poly saccharides, enzymes, and trace elements. Aloe of the species aloe barba densis is regarded as the most potent and beneficial species of aloe for human health. Traditionally aloe juice (fresh drinking gel) has been consumed for the Centuries to detox our body, improve digestive and gastro intestinal health to build immune system. Its strong anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, and anti ageing properties make it a safe and effective daily 

Health tonic for people off all age groups

30 to 60 ml diluted in luke warm water preferably empty stomach twice a day add honey or any other fruit juice if desired.

Aloevera gel & pulp (aloe barbadensis, lf.), sorbitol ip, acidity regulator (ins e330) and permitted class ii preservatives (e-211, e-202)

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