Set 1- January

₹ 1,500.00

SKU : H2001041

Total IP :- 4.792

1 x After Shave Splash (GSG09125), Unit MRP - 280, Weight - 125g
1 x Body Lotion Honey & Shea Butter (GRP60250), Unit MRP - 297, Weight - 250 g
1 x Pro - Spirulina Tablets (GNF08100), Unit MRP - 483.00, Weight - 100 tab
1 x Lavender Night Cream (GKL13075), Unit MRP - 330.00, Weight - 75g
1 x Rose Skin Toner (GRP51100 ), Unit MRP - 195.00, Weight - 100ml
1 x Vitamin - C Face Wash (GRP68100), Unit MRP - 190.00, Weight - 100ml

Note: The champions offer can be availed only by January 2020 Qualifiers

Note: The champions offer can be availed only by January 2020 Qualifiers

1) Those who are eligeable for Champions 2000(January 2020 Qualifiers) offers can avail the e-voucher coupon. Please note that in this case there will be no IP credited in your account.

2) For champions offers there are 2 set of combination worth Rs 1500.
Set 1 have 6 products
Set 2 have 5 products

2) If you do not apply any e-voucher , then you will have to pay the amount of the set order. Also, you will receive the IP for the particular order.

3) You can purchase other products also along with these set.

4) There will be no shipping charge for e-voucher customers. In case you are not applying the voucher at the time of purchase, then you have to follow the normal shipping charge policy.

5) For any set, only one quantity can be purchased at single time.

6) If you are placing an order for 2 different set in a single order, still voucher will be applied for a single set. The second set will be treated as a normal order.

7) No offers can be clubbed or applied for this set order.

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