Organic Coriander Powder

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SKU : GKS02100

A pinch of coriander powder gives a tremendous aroma and delightful flavor to your food. Available in very attractive packing, this Galway Kitchen Organic Coriander Powder improves the immune system and enhances the taste of food. It has many healthy properties. Buy Organic Coriander Powder Online which can be called the gift of nature and also medicine. So for those who are conscious about their health, there is definitely a Galway Kitchen Shakti Organic Coriander Powder in their kitchen.

Product Features-

• Completely organic

• Packed without any chemical preservatives

Product Benefits-

• Increase the taste of food.

• Take care of health with taste.

• Improves your immune system.

Products Usage- Use in required amounts in curry, lentils, curd and raita.

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