Pro-Keratin Hair Serum

SKU : GRP56050

₹ 306.00

Net Wgt :- 50 ml

Galway Rupabham Pro-Keratin Hair Serum

It is a miracle solution formulated with Keratin actives, Avocado oil and most beneficial Inula Crithmoide extract. Buy pro-keratin hair serum online which is a perfect hair serum for frizzy hair.

Keratin: This is a natural ingredient for weak hair. It provides necessary protein and fiber which makes the hair shiny, young and healthy.
Inula Crithmoide: This silicon blend deeply conditions hair strands, smoothes frizz, helps in preventing in split ends and also beautifully intensifies your hair color.
Avocado: It has high level of anti-oxidants such as vitamin E, that absorbs into the scalp and hair shaft. It moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens hair strands leaving the hair looking radiant and healthy. This also stimulates growth and unclogs blocked follicles.

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