Shaving Cream

SKU : GSG10100

₹ 140.00
  • Net Wt. :- 100gm
  • for men

Galway srigunam men�s choice rich moisturizing shaving cream contains precious fatty acids and is enriched with vitamin-E. It softens your beard for a clean & perfect shave. Its moisture rich conditioning mechanism helps seal in moisture resulting in smooth razor glide and less tugging of the hair for a more relaxed shave.


Moisten your beard with luke warm water. Take suitable amount on the brush and apply it on beard till rich lather is formed. After shaving, rinse with cold water to close pores.


Aqua stearic acid propylene glycol potassium hydroxide lauric acid myristic acid glycerin boric acid perfume hydroxypropyl methylcellulose sodium silicate EDTA disodium vitamin E.

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