G-Amino Plus

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SKU : P1007

Net Weight: 100 ml

Country Of Origin : India

Galway Krisham G-Amino Plus is a plant growth promoter and plant protection products. It is helpful in the formation of proteins in plants, the process of photosynthesis and also maintains levels of amino acids and hormones in plants, which results in pollen grains and helps in faster growth of fruits and is a plant protection product.

Usage Guidelines

Treatment of Soil - Mix 100ml Concentrated G Amino Plus in the roots of plants with 100 kg of organic compost, grazing Soil or Vermi compost (1/2) and spread in half acres.

Spray - Mix 100ml Concentrated G- Amino Plus with 150 litre of water and spray in (1/2) half acres. In 15 litre water tank dissolve 10 ml and spray accordingly. Repeat after 10 days.

*Currently, we are not providing delivery of these products in Punjab and Rajasthan. We apologize for inconvenience caused.

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