Champions of 2000 offer

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this offer permanent?

Currently, this offer is only for the month of March ( March 1 to March10)।

2. Is this offer for both first purchase and second purchase?

No, this offer is valid for second purchase only. Also, this offer is for CD and above rank.।

3. Can all lucky draws be qualified in this offer?

No, anyone can get a maximum of 1 gift in a lucky draw।

4. Billing for this offer will be multiple or single?

Only single invoice will be valid in this offer।

5. How to get free products ?

Once your name is in the lucky draw, you will be notified and your gift will be sent to you.

6. What is the validity of coupon?

The coupon will be valid till 90 days, from the date of issue

7. How to get lucky draw gift?

) The result of lucky draw will be out on April 1, 2020. The lucky draw qualifiers will then be notified.

8. Can this offer be clubbed with any other offer?

    Yes, this is the most special thing that you can use your personal I.D for shopping. Then you can participate in all three offers. For example, if an I.R. does a personal purchase of Rs 2500 / - in retail bonanza, then benefits given to that I.R will be: -
  • First benefit - As per the retail bonanza offer IR will get products worth Rs 200 DP for free.
  • Second Benefit - The same IR will qualify for the Champions of 2000 Lucky Draw (the condition is that he will have to buy between 1st to 10th.) .
  • Third benefit - Since IR has purchased more than Rs 2400 / -, so he/she will be valid for the first month in Loyalty Offer. Now the distributor will have to buy at least Rs 2400 continuously for the remaining 5 months or 11 months to remain in the loyalty offer

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