In our Indian culture, "Raksha Bandhan" is a festival that is celebrated to show the importance of the bonding of brother and sister. It is such a special relation as both the people born in the same family and atmosphere. They make so many memories as they grow older together and separately when they get married to their respective spouses. They understand each other's feelings and thoughts because they have had each other since childhood and don't need the other person to say it, whether they are sad or if they are having bad days.

And that's the reason, the festival of  "Raksha Bandhan" is so special for every brother and sister. On this occasion, their sister not only ties "Rakhi" on her brother's wrist. She also takes a promise from her brother that he will always protect her and give his support in all odds of life, no matter what the circumstances will be.

Although now the mentality has changed a bit, people consider brother and sister on the same level. In other words, the sister wants them to be considered capable enough to protect her brother, if and when required. In today's modern time both boys and girls want to take equal responsibilities of the house and the family members in a true sense. In this way, gender equality will prevail in our society from the grassroots level.

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Now imagine and think how happy your brother will be after watching, receiving, and using all the products on himself? He will have a sense of acknowledgment towards you at the end of the day and both of you will have a great festival as well.