While wildly popular with kids, adults don’t often have the time (or the desire) to take baths. But there are compelling reasons you should consider a regular soak.

Taking baths has great physical and mental health benefits. One benefit is cleanliness. Bathing cleans your skin, helping you avoid irritation, inflammation and sores caused by dead skin cell accumulation. The bacterial and fungal load from contact in your environment can also accumulate, increasing the risk of infection. 

 But, besides this bathing has three more benefits, that are:-

  • Warm baths improve mental and emotional health
  • Warm baths soothe muscles and joints
  • Baths can help heal wounds

 And just imagine, if you get a chance to use different bathing soaps. Each has a different fragrance, different benefits and most importantly you will experience a change in the whole bathing process.

 Galwaykart offers you a range of bathing soaps and body washes to give a change that is much needed by everybody. Most of the time people get bored of bathing with the same soap and the same smell every day. That's why we came with this idea.

 Our different bathing soaps and body washes are:-

  • Total care soap- It is an active skin defense formula that offers superior germ protection while taking care of your skin. It is a germ protection soap which leaves you feeling clean, healthy and fresh. This soap in Unisex. 
  • Refreshing bath soap - It gives you a refreshed, revitalized clear skin. Buy bathing soaps for men and women online and use this soap every day. Enriched with freshness of lemon to completely boost up the moisture level in skin at a deeper level.
  • Fruit punch refreshing body wash - It is infused with the goodness of strawberry extract and provides moisture to the skin. It gives a smooth skin and keeps you fresh after shower. Nourishes deep into the surface layers of your skin. Its mild, gentle formula is kind to your skin and is suitable for daily use.
  • Green lush body wash - It has aloe vera and cucumber extracts which removes tanning and gives you an even skin tone. Cucumber gives you a fresh feeling after shower. Its antioxidant properties prevent your skin from any damage and protect it. The caring formula in this body wash helps maintain your skin's moisture barrier while delivering natural skin nourishment that goes deep into the surface layers of your skin. It creates a rich lather that replenishes your skin's nutrients while also leaving it feeling cared for and cleansed. 
  • Body wash honey & almond - It is enriched with the natural goodness of almond and honey. It keeps your skin soft, supple and hydrated. The delicate blooming fragrance provides an enchanting after shower feel. Honey: Helps in keeping the skin moist. The antioxidants present in it transform the dull skin to a bright, glowing and fresh one. Leave freshness to the skin and keep it soft. Almond oil: Makes the skin soft and fair. Olive oil: It has vitamin A and E antioxidants which not only keeps the skin moisture but also transforms your skin to a glowing one. This protects the skin giving it a younger looking feel. D-panthenol: vitamin B 5 keeps the moisture in the skin alive. It gives a soft skin and removes skin's impurities giving you fresh clean skin.
  • Citrus blast body wash - It has lemon and orange extract which gives a soft skin. Its moisture rich formulation gently cleans the skin without removing its natural oil. This moisturizing body wash with its mild cleansers help your skin retain its natural moisture, leaving you with softer, smoother skin. Feel the blast of citrus fruits at every wash.

Aforementioned products come under galway rupabham and all our products are available online.