The onset of menstruation is one of the most critical physiological adjustments taking place in ladies for the duration of the adolescent years. Menstruation heralds the onset of physiological adulthood in ladies. It turns into a regular part and parcel in their lives till menopause. Apart from being a personal importance, this phenomenon additionally has social significance.

It’s significant that girls should open up about their menstrual troubles openly and get any assistance if required. Women all across the world over have used herbal and reusable techniques for accumulating or soaking up menstrual blood for centuries. Women should make a wise choice regarding menstrual products that promote health and wellbeing – for the individual and for the community. Apart from this it should also be ecofriendly, creating no harm to the environment. There are many menstrual hygiene awareness campaign that are carried out through the world in order to raise awareness.

With all hygiene, menstrual hygiene is very important. Educating girls about menstruation helps increase self-esteem, raise grades and raise wages. Due to lack of this awareness women might face infection which may in return deteriorate their health. In order to maintain this hygiene, it is very essential to use sanitary pads. Women get their periods monthly, and hence maintaining hygiene, during those days becomes all the way more important. A good hygiene habit involves regularly changing sanitary napkins in order to avoid any infection.

Sanitary pads are the most popular form of protection used by women during their monthly cycle. They comprise an absorbent material that soaks up the menstrual fluid during a woman's menstrual cycle. Nowadays, many types of sanitary pads are available in the market. Sanitary pads offer a comforting feeling to women during their periods.

Keeping in mind the need of pads for maintaining hygiene Galway Kalkim has introduced a Velvet Sanitary Pad which has a SAP sheet which has given an extra absorption up to 150ml. It has a breathable bottom layer which eliminates moisture to keep you fresh throughout the day. Its extra wings keep the pad intact and do not allow the pad to move giving you relief from stain. Also, to make your periods days’ pain free it has Anion Chips to give you relief from cramps. It absorbs the liquids easily, permits air flow and are safe to use.

When it comes to periods, you know what’s the most challenging thing. It’s the right absorption of menstrual blood.  This velvet sanitary napkins gives you the right absorption. Its bio degradable properties cause no harm to the environment. When it comes to natural products, the best thing is that they can be naturally disposed of without any incineration. Even if there is burning, the process is quick and gets completed without much of soot.