Amla or the Indian gooseberry can treat hair loss effectively. This edible fruit is considered as a miracle cure for hair care. It stimulates hair growth and improves the quality of hair. It contains calcium, which promotes healthier hair. It helps strengthen hair follicles and reduces hair thinning.  Below are the benefits of amla for hair:

1) Natural shine: Amla powder can be added to the home-made hair masks to add a natural shiny to your hair. Make sure to apply it regularly to have better results. The surplus of vitamin C in amla can help halt pre-mature greying. If you want to enhance the natural color of your hair, all you have to do is mix amla powder with henna powder. You can also Buy Amla Hair Oil Online and give a natural shine to your hair.

2) Serves as a natural hair conditioner: Amla can nourish, strengthen and condition your hair thereby making it shiny and adding volume to your hair. One amla contains up to 81.2 percent of moisture content in it. Those with dry hair, now you know what to do. Moreover, if you have an oily hair, then use amla powder, it will soak in all the excess oil present on your scalp, along with conditioning it.3. Treats Dandruff: Dandruff is usually the result of dryness. This vitamin C rich juice cures the dryness and prevents the accumulation of dandruff.

3) Boost hair growth- Amla works wonders for your hair, you would be amazed to know that amla extracts can help in strengthening hair follicles, slow down aging and fading hair, prevent dandruff and give a natural shiny texture to your hair. Amla Hair Oil is known for its potent healing powers. It stimulates hair growth, moisturizes frizzy hair, treats dandruff, strengthens hair from the root and prevents premature greying of hair naturally. Both consuming as well as applying amla can give you great results. In fact, applying amla powder with henna or adding amla pieces in your oil can help in improving your hair texture.

4) Reduces graying of hair: According to Ayurveda, premature graying usually occurs due to excess pitta in the body. Some of the signs of excess pitta include skin rashes, burning sensations, peptic ulcers, excessive body heat, and heartburn. Amla, a natural coolant, is an excellent remedy for fixing the pitta condition, which reduces graying. Amla juice serves as a beneficial tonic for both skin and hair.

5) Prevents frizzy hair: It prevents dryness and helps in restoring moisture. It also removes the dead cells. The essential fatty acids present in amla strengthen hair follicles and add luster to the hair. With regular use of amla, you may get rid of those unmanageable frizzy hair.


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