Sunburns are the result of over exposure to UVB rays from the sun. They cause the skin to redden and blister, damaging the outer protective layers of the skin. Just one bad sunburn can lead to long-lasting damage to the skin and increase the risk for skin cancer. Prevention is the best way to avoid sunburn.

These tips will help when you’re outdoors.

1.Limit sun exposure- The key is to expose yourself only to what you need. Limit your exposure time under the sun's peak hours which is between 10AM to 4pm.

2.Wear protective clothing- A wide brimmed hat is a must especially when you are going to the beach or just strolling in the park. A cool, light colored shirt with sleeves covering the arms is also recommended. A long skirt for women and long pants for men to protect the legs. You could also wear your favorite sunglasses to protect your eyes and eyelids from the glaring sun.

3. Select an appropriate sunscreen-  SPF is not just about length of exposure to UVA or UVB, it about the amount of radiation you are exposed to. UV radiation early in the morning or late in the day is usually lower compared to 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Even if there is not much sun light, there is still UV radiation all around. Use the right amount of sunscreen on your body. Galway Rupabham Sunscreen SPF 30 prevents you from the harmful rays of sun UVA/UVB and gives you a solution from pigmentation and sunburn. The advanced formula present in this cream gives you a glowing healthy skin. Enriched with Vitamin E and Kokum Butter which gets infused in your skin and circulate the flow of blood. Order personal care products from Galwaykart and get a smooth, soft and glowing skin.

4. Always rehydrate with water- You may not notice it but exposure to the sun makes your body lose moisture through the skin by sweating. Drinking water helps you to rehydrate your body and your skin as well.