While we all love rains, increased levels of humidity during the monsoon makes it difficult to manage your hair. Problems such as frizzy hair, dandruff and hair fall become more common as well. But, don’t let the rains get to you.  The key to tame your tresses lies in a simple routine that will help you sail through the rain. The monsoon tends to make your hair limp, lusterless, heavy and frizzy, owing to high levels of humidity in the air.

Below are some tips to protect your hair during monsoon:

1) Keep your hair dry- While it maybe be tempting to step out in the rain or you may actually get caught in it, remember that as soon as you step inside your home, take the time out to wash and dry your hair.  Whether it is a heavy downpour or a light drizzle, rain water is dirty and acidic. So avoid wetting your hair unless it is necessary. Excess moisture when settled into the scalp can cause infections so wash your hair with shampoo right away.

2) Follow the right hair wash routine- Be sure to wash your hair two-three times a week. During monsoon there is high oil secretion on the scalp, making it easy for hair to get frizzy and under nourished. Use a mild antibacterial hair shampoo that will nourish your hair while also fighting bacterial and fungal infections.

3) Pick a Right Comb- Do not comb your wet hair immediately as it is the weakest then. Choose the right comb (wide-tooth), so it can easily detangle your hair. Make sure the teeth of the comb have enough space in between so that the hair does not break while combing. Also, sharing of combs must be avoided to prevent fungal infections. In all season, it is important to use the right kind of comb. Especially if you are dealing with wet hair, use a wide tooth comb because it will ensure that your hair doesn't break and get damaged.

4) Don’t forget conditioner- A nutrient rich conditioner is a must during the rainy season. This helps to fight frizz and locks in nourishment in the strands. Apply conditioner only to the ends of your hair and rinse it off with cold water for an extra shine. If you’re using a leave-in conditioner, it will form a protective layer and protect your hair from the rain.

5) Oiling is a must this Monsoon- Oiling is the key to healthy hair, and it provides the strength from within. Regular oiling can make life simple by ensuring good hair health. The right oil, according to the hair type, will prevent hair fall. Hair oil helps in treating all concerns that come with the rainy season. The coconut oil reduce hair fall, thicker and lustrous. The antibacterial properties help in treating itchy and dry scalp. It also stimulates hair follicles and promotes hair growth. With regular use, the results are unmatched, and you no longer have to spend a fortune on regular spa treatments.

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