Galway Kart has a wide range of products that are available online. The range consists of Organic Products, Immunity boosters, personal care products, home care products, health supplements products, rice bran oil, aloe vera juice, ayurvedic products, organic fertilizers, and skin care products. This shows that galway kart has such a wide variety available for the customers. All the products are coming through direct selling company and hence are cheaper than other products of other companies that reach out to their customers through a range of people who individually involves their own margin that ultimately increases products final cost.

Galway Kart makes sure that their products match all the standards they has set as a bench-mark for them to maintain their quality and credibility they has towards their customers. Galway also believes in made in India concept and make sure that their products are eco-friendly and harmless. Galway Kart is a brand name of Glaze company which is a certified Direct selling company of India which means that all the Galway products are very reliable .

The term “organic” refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed. Galway offers many organic products online such as plant growth promoters.

It also gives Immunity booster products Chyawanprash, galvita multi nutritional powder, whey protein, Rajbhog Prash, aloe giloy juice, galway nutriflow soywat protein, galveda - Guduchi, and many more.

In personal care products there are body lotions, soaps, daily protein shakes, galway creme with vitamin-E, hair oil, toothpaste, night cream, Galveda - Hyper Rouser Tablet, G-Amino Plus, Galway Srigunam Men's Choice Face Cream etc.

Home care products such as washing powders, torch, pickles, air freshners etc. Health supplements such as Galveda juices and syrups, tablets etc.

Rice bran oil is also available which is nutritionally balanced that not only makes food tastier but also very healthy. It is very tasty and aromatic as well.

Aloe vera juice with little flavor of orange that increases its taste as well as its nutritional value because it is made of freshly plucked aloe vera leaves hence beneficial for overall health. Aloe vera juice (fresh drinking intestinal health to build the immune system.  Aloe Vera juice benefits for people off all age groups.gel) which naturally contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polysaccharides, enzymes, and trace elements.It has been used to detox our body, improve digestive and gastro 

In Ayurvedic products there are stress ease tablets, which are made from herbs that contain anti-stress, and adapt genic properties. Multizyme syrup, cold n cough syrup etc.

In skin care products we have face-wash, body wash, shampoo, soaps, creams, toothpastes, body lotions etc that are completely safe to use without any side-effects.

We have organic fertilizers also such as G-bio Humic, G-amino Plus etc., they help plants in increasing their productivity.