Over time, Galway has introduced many products such as Soap, Face - washes, oils & Skin Creams, Hand washes, etc for personal care & Beauty of both men & women. Cold n cough syrups, Spirulina, Aloe-vera Juice, Multivitamin tablets, Protein Plus Tablets, Galway Nutriflow Fiber & many more for Health & wellness. Then we have G-bio Humic, G-Amino Plus, G-sea Liquid Etc. as natural fertilizers that are chemical-free for Agricultural use.


Apart from all these products, Galway has launched many items in its new Range under divergent categories & They are:-

  • Galway Ball-Pen- Its Strong polyacetal tip, attractive Design, helps in Smooth & soft-touch Writing. 
  • Disinfectant Surface Cleaner- A strong formula that effectively cleans your bathrooms, sinks, walls, doors, knobs and kills household germs and odor-causing bacteria. Leaves the floor a clean & hygienic environment. But there is caution involved in the usage, such as, Avoid contact with eyes, Keep out of reach of children & Store away from direct sunlight. 
  • Kitchen Shakti Premium CTC Tea- It is really good in taste, gives good color and nice fragrance. It is very healthy as well
  • Kuber Gold Agarbatti- A high premium quality agarbatti. The delicate, subtle fragrance creates a serene ambiance.
  • Kuber Dry Dhoop- These dhoop cones are made from natural products. These are easy to use, safe and lightweight dhoop batti spreads, and an encouraging atmosphere in the interiors of the house.
  • Kuber Black pepper & other Spices- All the spices are the essence of Indian cuisine. Each spice has its own benefit for the human body, Such as turmeric is a good antiseptic, cumin helps in Digestion.
  • Tops Mixed fruit Jam & pickle- Tops Jam is a delicious jam made from various fruits  & everybody likes its taste as well, it doesn't matter what your taste is.
  • Globeam Dolphin Torch- This torch has LED light. It gives evenly spread light that can be used in different places such as schools, Hospitals, Companies Etc.
  • Galway Exercise notebooks- This notebook consists of good quality paper. The papers have a long life because of their high quality. 
  • Galway premium Shoe polish- Galway Premium Shoe Polished Black Paste is a blend of quality wax, which nourishes leather and produces long-lasting lustrous shine. It comes in three colors-Light brown, dark brown & Black. These are good for Leather Shoes, Shine lasts for a longer time and also protects shoes from dust & dirt.
  • Merlin toothbrush- Merlin toothbrush comes with German technology and European quality.  It is soft and does not irritate the gums, which is why it is very good for children as well.
  • Galway Instant Shine sponge- This sponge gives instant shine to the shoes. It is very effective on leather shoes. Its benefits are easy to use, 
  • Galway Srigunam Men's Choice Face Cream- It re-hydrates dry skin and removes the dead skin easily. It is packed with antioxidants that promote skin cell turnover. Enriched with Vitamin C & Vitamin E it protects skin from sunburn.