Agriculture industry contributes hugely to the Indian economy. Throwing light on the present status of the agricultural sector reveals its undoubtedly incredible performance in Indian arena of economic growth. With tremendous dependency on the agricultural sector, it is necessary to save crops from various disease. Crop protection is the general method or the practice of protecting the crop yields from different agents including pests, weeds, plant diseases, and other organisms that cause damage to the agricultural crops.

Apart from crops, agricultural fields would have weeds, small animals like rats, mites, insects, pests, disease-causing pathogens and frequently raided by birds. All these factors are mainly responsible for the loss or damage to the crops. Thus to yield high crop production, farmers need to protect the crop from these pests. Hence crop protection management is important before, during and after the cultivation.

With this initiative Galway Krisham deals with agricultural products to help our Indian farmers where they can order agricultural products online. Below mentioned are the products:

1) G-Sea Liquid-  It is very important for the fruits, vegetables and flowers to grow. These products help in the development of crops. G-Sea Liquid is a seaweed extract derived from natural organic sources of vegetative (seaweeds) origin. This acts as a promoter of crop development, and eliminates the lack of nutrients in the crop. Order G-Sea Liquid online which is helps in accelerating the photosynthesis process and increasing the growth of flower clusters. It is helpful in increasing disease resistance capacity in plants.

2) G- Bio Humic-  It is necessary to boost plant growth.  For this Humic acid is helpful in the development of plants in the form of natural stimulants which increase the amount of metabolism and tissue elements in plants. This will also increase the fertility of soil. It acts as a natural protection and improves the better water holding power of plants.

3) G- Amino-  It is neither toxic nor harmful. It is non-phytotoxic which contains amino acids, helpful in the growth of plants. It helps in the process of making proteins in plants enhancing photosynthesis (food process) in plants. It also increase the process of pollination and the process of fruit formation in plants.

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