The word ‘Grih’ is a Sanskrit word, it means house in English anh Ghar in Hindi and Shoryam means pride.  A complete rather happy Home is not defined just with the physical characteristics.  homes are a building block for how we experience the world and that we must also take into consideration who we live with. It’s never been more important to care about how happy our homes make us feel. Despite there being such a deluge of information on homes, architecture and design, there’s still not enough research about what truly matters to our happiness levels.

The six qualities of a happy home are:-

  • Secure  - Provides safety, shelter and stability
  • Nourishing - provides healthy conditions
  • Adaptable - Can flex to meet changing needs
  • Relaxed - Spaces to make us feel at home
  • Connected - Spaces to interact
  • Mirrors - Reflects who we are

Spending more time at home is spending more time with you. Entertaining your own moods and catching up on some of the things you’ve been meaning to do. Make friends with yourself again, make friends with home again and fill your environment with things that will nurture you.

From all of the aforementioned things most of them can only be taken care of when you look after your house with all your heart. And for that we require some household products as well.

Galway Grishoyram is another branch of the GalwayKart. It has all the necessities of daily households to make your life better and beautiful. Galway Grihshoryam has a range of home care products, including products ranging from dish washing, home cleaning to fabric care. 

The purpose of the various products included in this range is to keep your clothes clean and to keep the utensils shiny. We have many cleaners and disinfectant products that are considered best for cleaning the floor and toilets.

Various products under “Galway Grishoryam” are :-

  • Oxidaze Micro Wash Detergent Powder - It penetrates through these everyday tough stains and removes them easily. Whether you bucket wash or machine wash, our revolutionary detergent is perfectly formulated, combining surfactants, color guard and stain-fighting enzymes to tackle all your laundry challenges.

  •  Air Freshenerhelps you getting rid of the unpleasant and nasty smell and creates a fresh atmosphere in your home.  

  • Liquid Dish Wash - It Concentrated Gel is a powerful grease-cutting dish washing liquid with pleasant lemon fragrance that leaves utensils sparkling clean like new. Its enhanced cleaning formula cuts away tough oil, removes food residues and baked-on food, leaving dishes squeaky clean.

  • Lime & Aloe Vera Hand Wash - It is now Ultra rich moisturizing hand wash. Buy liquid hand wash online which kills the germs present in hand and gives you a clean hand with pleasing fragrance. 

  • Multipurpose Disinfectant Surface Cleaner - A powerful formula with strong disinfectant properties for floor, bathroom, sinks, walls, table, counter tops, door & knobs etc. thats effectively removes tough stains, kills house hold germs and odour causing bacteria.

If we start to view our houses as homes and really consider how they make us feel rather than solely focusing on their aesthetics, we can make changes that will impact our wellbeing.