A white, bright smile is a sure sign of health. A brighter smile is something that the majorities of dental patients aspire to and therefore are searching for the perfect method to whiten their teeth, brighten their smile and increase their appearance and their self-esteem in the teeth whitening process. Toothpaste has been a staple to proper oral hygiene because of the benefits of teeth strengthening and whitening and fresh breath. Galway Dantauram brings to you two types of way to keep your teeth healthy:

1) Herbal Panchtatva Toothpaste- Nobody likes bad breath, but the reality is that we all get it. It tends to be worse in the morning when we get up and after eating a particularly potent meal such as those that contain garlic and onions. This toothpaste gives you a fresh breath. Infused with herbal ingredients like Nilgiri, Sage, Eucalyptus, Meswak and Clove it fights cavities and gives you a healthy gum. The most amazing attribute of this is that the paste does not have any artificial coloring and also no artificial flavoring. It is genuinely natural and this is what we look for. All herb toothpaste is unique formulation of many natural ingredients providing lasting and total oral protection to Gum and teeth. The paste is made using herbal extract and essential oils which help in combating bacteria. Buy herbal Panchtatva toothpaste online which has natural calcium base which help in cleansing of the teeth. Natural toothpaste is a healthier alternative due to the fact that they are made with safer ingredients.

2) Green Gel Toothpaste- It gives you a bright. In the course of a couple of weeks, you will be able to notice the difference in the color of your teeth. It removes stains and whiten your teeth over time. Buy dental care items online that is oral care product containing a high level of silica and is smooth and often clear or translucent in appearance. It also gives you a healthy gums and fresh breath throughout the day.

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