People don’t understand the importance of ‘Oral Hygiene’ in their Lives! In India, many people don’t even brush their teeth immediately after waking up but take their ‘Bed-Tea’ first, which is even worse. Actually what happens is that Germs develop throughout the night in our teeth, when we don’t brush the teeth germs stay there and when we take Bed-Tea it rather goes into our stomach. That’s why brushing is so important. Also, that is the only entry point of our food-our nutrition. So we must keep it as clean as possible.


Do you know?

There are certain rules for brushing. Like, you must brush your teeth twice a day- firstly after waking up in the morning and secondly before going to bed. Also, there is a way of holding a Brush while brushing your teeth. Many people think that brushing hardly in fact roughly on teeth will make their teeth shine. But that is absolutely wrong. This way the roots of the teeth become weak also it decreases the lives of your teeth. One more thing which you must take care of is the kind of toothbrush you are using. The brush should not be very hard and must be changed from time to time. In India people either use the same brush for a maximum of 10-15 days after that its condition is not worth using. On the contrary, some people use it so softly that it lasts for more than 6-8 months, which is also not advisable by doctors. If your teeth are sensitive then you should intake food items of extreme temperatures, such as hot or cold. 

Galway has introduced a Dental Care range with the name “Galway Danturam”. The toothpaste is made of herbal ingredients. They are available online on the website at affordable prices. This toothpaste removes plaque, a sticky, harmful film of bacteria that grows on your teeth that cause cavities, gum disease, and eventual tooth loss if not controlled. Brushing on a regular basis will help you fight the bacterias. Also leaves a good breath throughout the day and removes cavities. So that you don’t feel hesitant while talking to someone. It helps to remove dental plaque and food from the teeth.

There are two types of toothpaste available for you. They are:-

  • Galway Dantauram Green Gel Toothpaste - fights oral bacteria, cavities, plaque, whitens teeth and prevents bad breath, and delivers an intense rush of freshness in your mouth. It gives a fresh breath, white teeth, and healthy gums. Buy gel toothpaste online from Galway Kart. Its benefits are - Fresh breath, whiter teeth, and Healthy Gums.
  • Galway Dantauram Herbal Panchtatva Toothpaste- It is Infused with 5 Herbal ingredients. Buy Herbal toothpaste online which not only gives a healthy and shiny tooth but also makes it strong and gives a good fresh breath. Nilgiri prevents teeth from germs and infections. Enriched with the qualities of antiseptic, Sage keeps the roots strong and healthy. Neem stops the germs and keeps the gums strong. It prevents cavities. Meswak does not allow any holes in teeth and gives a fresh breath. Clove prevents tooth decay.

And make a promise to yourself that from now onwards you will take good care of your teeth. Especially after knowing the importance of Oral Hygiene, the correct way of brushing your teeth, and the precautionary measures you must consider while brushing. Also spread this useful information among your near and dear, so that they can also keep these things in mind.