In today’s life, it will not be a ‘Big-Talk’, if you call yourself richer than Jeff Bezos because your Body is disease-free. It is pretty evident that people used to be more healthier and immune from disease in old times. They didn’t even know about the most common diseases nowadays- Blood Pressure and Sugar. There are many factors that have contributed & act as fuel to worsen the scenario even more. Some of them are:-

1.Bad eating Habits - People don’t emphasize healthy eating nor seek towards having proper meals throughout the day due to busy schedules.

2.Western influence - In the last years, there has been a massive influence of food options that are not only welcomed happily but have become a favorite of the new generation.

3.New generation’s new -spirit attitude-The younger ones want to live their lives in the complete free spirit without any intervention of the elder. Especially in their food choices. Hence no one is willing to listen to their elders in this matter.

4.Decreased food quality - Over the years the quality of all the food items has badly declined, whether it is fruits, vegetables, dairy products, Spices or even Nuts, Etc. The reason being illegal practice, such as & increased dearness.

5.Bad daily routine - Old people believe in the “early to bed early to rise” concept, but social media has spoiled the new generation to an extent that they have not only detached themselves from the real world but from the healthy routine, healthy eating & good habits also.

Do you know? In a recent survey, it was found that India ranks 10th in ‘Asia-Pacific Personalised Health Index’.The survey was conducted to measure the progress towards personalized healthcare. Singapore(1st), Taiwan (2nd), Japan (3rd), and Australia (4th) . Other countries were China, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea,  Thailand, and New Zealand. The ‘Asia-Pacific Personalized Health Index measures performance against 27 different indicators called ‘ vital signs.

It is never too late, there are people who are health conscious irrespective of age, caste, class, region, or religion in our country also. There are young kids of 5-6 years who are from a very rich family, have all the luxuries of life but still follow a healthy daily routine. There are people in our villages who do daily exercises and healthy food & ignore junk food completely.

But firstly there ratio is less as compared to those who don’t follow the healthy daily routine of at least eat ‘good food’.There are many ways to maintain a healthy routine, some of them are:-

  • Drink Lots of water on a daily basis., Also drink healthy beverages like Aloe vera juice , Green coffe, leanfitz protein drink, aloe Giloy Plus Juice, Multi Nutritional Powder, Protein Shake, Lemon Tea

  • Have Lots of Fibre in your Diet in any form possible, Like Nutriflow Fibre. Try to have a Balanced -Diet as much as possible.

  • Avoid Late eating or munching, especially sweets.

  • Try to fast once a week or you can eat light food that is easy to digest. 

  • Take a decent nap and sound at night to relax your body.

  • Do work-out on a regular basis or if you are scheduled tight at least do walk daily.